Working Remotely? Here are 5 Hacks You Should Adopt

The pandemic pushed everybody’s and everything’s limits. Life as we know it shut down. Governments quickly sought a new normal and told us to embrace it. But even they didn’t have a tested plan. So everyone sought their own way to live a new normal.

Workplaces were hit the most. Working from home became a quick go-to solution. But most executives and employees fumbled with it. There are too many distractions at home. We’re not out of the woods yet. So we need to find a cohesive way to work remotely.

Remote work is not only about handling office business from home. Pandemic or not, this could be the transformation offices need if done correctly. Here’s how to do it right.

1. Keep Your Office Vibe Alive

Every workplace has a unique vibe and flow to it that forms its culture. Don’t lay it down because you’re working remotely. It’s what makes your teams click and gel. Connect with workmates and tell them how you’re doing. Listen to their world too, encourage and help with hacks that work for you.

Joke about stuff. Spill emojis on common networks and texts. Be prompt with responses, make helpful suggestions, and applaud accomplishments. These activities build trust, and that’s good for every office.

2. Use Team Collaboration Software

Has your team used collaboration tools yet? There couldn’t be a better time to do so. You can also upgrade the existing ones to improve the speed and ease of communicating and planning projects.

You can also introduce cloud-based design tools.  They are faster and often compatible with any OS that works with web browsers.

3. Do Regular Digital Detoxes

Coronavirus turned some of us into peak procrastinators and online hibernators. But this is a trap to fall into an addiction and the baggage that comes with it. According to Verywell Mind, internet addiction results in a problematic life for individuals.

You don’t have to be online all day anyway to complete your tasks. Use filters to keep out unnecessary info, disable notifications and switch off the computer to rest.

4. Hit the Virtual Gym to Deal with Stress

The pandemic’s first punch on all of us was the paralyzing uncertainty. Any stress we had before that spiked. We had to deal with something even the authorities couldn’t control.

Apart from that, work has its fair share of stress, for example, pending deadlines, difficulty to complete tasks or anxiety over the same zeros on your check every payday. Exercising is proven to help you sleep better, improve your attention and confidence.

Find helpful exercise apps you can use to exercise from home. You can also go old school. Purchase a skipping rope or do other forms of exercises that don’t need the internet.  You can also join a challenge to beat the loneliness of exercising alone.

5. Do More Video Presentations

When it’s time to present that design you’ve worked so hard on, skip emails and texts for video calls. Text steals the life out of details to do with design and tech and causes miscommunication.

Video calls also allow you to get the info you can only detect on voice. A hesitation, quick happy reaction, and tone, for example, are easier to detect on video. It also saves on the time wasted waiting for an email and text replies.

Use body language to liven up the presentation. Nod to show agreement or back-channeling with interjections to show enthusiasm or support for the ideas you like.

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