Why You Need a Blended Workforce for the Success of Your Company

The framework of every business is structured behind its strategic model. Companies have experienced challenges at the hands of the traditional business model: one that employs long-term and permanent job positions. However, after the great recession and further sparked by the ensuing Covid-19 pandemic, companies have resolved to hire the gig economy.

Covid-19 is and has been the catalyst for companies to re-evaluate their models of operation. The pandemic triggered an acceleration in the implementation of remote working. The advancement of technology has also contributed to the positive change where organizations can have few physical workers. Companies have further proceeded to procure the services of highly skilled workers. These gig workers work on a part-time or permanent basis and are mainly sourced from digital talent platforms.

The on-demand workforce model affords a manager to put in exceptional talent for the right project at the most convenient time.

To understand further this model, we have compiled this article to analyze the advantages of having a blended workforce in your company;

1. Gaining a Considerable Competitive Advantage

Companies that employ the blended workforce model can get access to highly skilled talent. Such talents would have struggled to get access to full-time permanent jobs. Businesses can utilize their services on-demand through a digital platform such as freelancing. These highly skilled talents have great control of their time, therefore, a flexible work balance. They are at liberty to choose or create their working schedules as per their preferences, increasing the chances of a better production environment.

The company will likely record an increase in the speed-to-market ratio, enhanced innovation growth, and an elevated productivity rate.

2. Reduced Staffing Overhead

Employing a permanent staff can be both expensive and unnecessary. Full-time workers require work-benefit services such as health insurance, retirement benefits, and bonuses. Notwithstanding, recruiting round-the-clock employees for non-core projects may render them unnecessary at the end of such tasks. When you consider all these, it’s imminent to conclude how permanent staffing can really be pricey. If the company’s services were substantiated with those of a skilled freelancer, it would be cost-effective and deliver quality results.

However, it is prudent to note that the bare-bone or critical operations require permanent staff. This is to ensure that the company’s operations run smoothly under fully experienced and specialized employees.

3. Gain a Fresh Perspective

Workplace culture can alter the perspective of an employee. An employee that is used to a similar working culture for a continued number of years can bias their thinking. This is usually fuelled by the memory of doing the same thing over and over again.

On the flip-flop, freelance contractors don’t experience any form of a similar burden from what a company has been doing before. This enhances their creativity levels, making them a suitable goldmine for new ideas and approaches your organization can take.

4. Increase in Productivity

Burnout among staff is the greatest enemy to productivity. Employees who are overstretched tend to lose the interest they once had when joining the company, which lowers the rate of job satisfaction. Having a blended workforce allows you to source services from independent contractors who have various skills and experience and are less likely to suffer from burnout.

The competitive aspect introduced by the on-demand workforce model ensures that the staff work on their toes, thus resulting in a growth in the productivity rate.

The Key Takeaway

Most companies ask the question as to whether the blended workforce is perfect for them. The answer depends on your industry and specific needs. It’s crucial to note that not all companies or departments can effectively utilize this model, as their operation requires consistency that can only be provided by full-time staff. However, projects that do not require personalized or specialized services can entertain the idea of a blended workforce.

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