The Future of Healthcare Is Virtual: How to Stay On Top Of the Latest Trends

Patients are gradually being drawn to the idea of healthcare services taking place online or by telephone. Parks Associates report shows that 60% of Americans with broadband access prefer remote care. Further, 40% of millennials term virtual healthcare as extremely important.

News of virtual healthcare applications mainly for check-ins, consultations, and monitoring procedures or situations by specialists are also common. We believe you have stumbled across such stories and more on how modern technologies are transforming the healthcare industry. Further, with about 71% of people fearing to visit their doctors due to the pandemic, there is a possibility you will continue to hear such news almost every day.

What does this mean to healthcare facilities?

Virtual healthcare provides an opportunity to improve care. Going by the above statistics, patients are currently demanding a way to meet their doctors, which is very appropriate as it will help slow the spread of Covid-19.  Offering the services they need, positions you as a leader and importantly puts you ahead of your competitors.

But to achieve this, you must be able to have the right solution in place, which happens to be a challenge with most healthcare facilities. They cannot equip and maintain the virtual solutions their facilities need. Primarily, the lack of teams to run, monitor, and maintain these solutions is the main barrier. For others finding the best talents continue to become challenging each passing day.

Talent shortage is real today, which explains why some healthcare facilities are not fully prepared to switch to virtual healthcare. Various studies, including Gartner’s 2019 Emerging Risks Survey, have confirmed talent acquisition is a growing concern. But how can health facilities address this concern? Simple! Engage companies that provide freelancing platforms that connect them with the best talents across the globe.

The way forward

Finding the best talents to lead in the switch to virtual healthcare may be a real task, but that shouldn’t stop you from progressing. Thankfully, companies such as DevReady are stepping in to bridge the gaps that currently exist. For example, if you have a little tech background, and you’re looking to upgrade to virtual solutions, you may need to find a reliable tech person.

That is where these companies come in. They are making it easier for you to meet and hire the top-notch professionals in the industry. They find time to source for the best talents and thoroughly screen them to ensure you only have access to the very best. For example, if you are interested in hiring a developer, you just need to comb their talents pool and pick one you are comfortable working with.

Besides, if you need support to pick an expert you can work with comfortably, you can utilize their support. Essentially, they have made it easier for you to hire the best talents when the rest of the world is struggling to find talents that are up to the task.

DevReady: Helping you stay on top of the latest trends

DevReady developers are available on demand. Anytime you need a hand, they are a message away and ready to tackle any project or challenge you have. Think of them as that best friend you call when you need support, and they always respond instantly. That is precisely who these developers are. So don’t let any tech-related issue give you sleepless nights while DevReady has a team that makes every project a success.

Key takeaway

Healthcare is going virtual, and there is no sign this is slowing down anytime soon. We have a team of developers that can help with your future products. We make it easy to find a developer who will get you what you need. Get in touch today, help us understand the nature of your project, and get matched with the right developer.

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