Top 7 Things Developers Want from a Job

Programming shares a couple of values with art. Just like art, development requires creativity to keep discovering new things and growing. That said, developers look for more than money when considering a job offer or staying with the current employer. An extensive 2019 study by HackerRank’s found a number of things developers consider important in a job other than lucrative salary and bonuses. By fulfilling these developer needs, businesses stand to benefit by attracting and retaining top development talents.

1. Professional Growth and Learning

Growth and learning are a lifetime thing. And the case of developers is no different. This cause has never been this important as new technologies emerge every year, and old ones get updated. For a developer to sustain top class, they need to maintain a steady learning curve. Therefore, a company that enables its developers to acquire these skills flexibly have high attraction and retention rates. This can further be achieved by sponsoring short term company-paid courses or boot camps for your developers.

2. Work and Life Balance & Remote Working

The desire for a balanced work-life makes many developers grab opportunities that allow remote working. Working from home or desired location other than being confined to a company office offer independence and flexibility development so much value. If your company is yet to implement the idea of remote teams, you might be missing cutting-edge talents on the market. Also, the WFO model will be a crucial distinguishing factor for businesses in 2021 and beyond.

3. Intrapreneurship

Many developers have side-projects. A corporate environment that enables its programmers to work on these projects to build their portfolio can be a gold-mine for developers. Besides that, they want to be able to contribute to open source (os) projects. In the end, it a win-win for both of you. The company can extensively benefit from those developers when they introduce or implement newly discovered efficient solutions to the development team.

4. Company Culture

What you believe in as a company matters who’d want to be part of the firm. How do employees and management interact? Are there benefits the company offers upon completing an assignment? Appreciating the development team and letting them know how much they mean to the business ecosystem is vital. What you represent and champion in the community and society at large also makes part of the culture.

5. Impressive Team

Nothing becomes more stressful than a developer working in an uncooperative team. Obvious, developers are likely to take a break if they think the team isn’t collaborative enough. The importance of a collaborative team can’t be stretched enough, especially for remote teams. Development demands that everyone in the team read from the same script.

Therefore, bringing a non-team member to the previously effective team can disintegrate it. How do you ensure this doesn’t happen to you, especially when scaling up a remote development team? Find tried and proved developers who can integrate faultlessly. You can find such ready developers in a community like DevReady.

6. Chance of Working with Clients

Customer requirements can be misunderstood if the development team is denied an opportunity to hear from clients directly. Create an enabling space where they can easily understand the business and clients instead of limiting them to solving problems only. They feel that they matter and what they are doing has an impact hence more feeling of belonging.

7. Technologies

No one wants to be thrown into a job that uses some sort of outdated technology or stack. So, businesses should adopt new technologies with a large pool of top-notch developers ready on the market. As developer demand surges and supply plunges each year, maintaining some old-style codebase may chase away modern developers.

For instance, JavaScript, Java, C, Python, and C++ remain the top 5 most loved programming languages among developers. Subsequently, finding the developers using those stacks is much easier than other less familiar languages.

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