The Importance & Benefits of Diversity of Experience in Employees

An organization’s growth and success are fueled by the people behind it – the employees, in particular. Employers recognize the value of talented employees, and they have a particular liking for multi-skilled employees.

Diversity of experience and skills has many benefits for both the employee and employer. Here is an overview of why it is better, according to an interview with David Nuff.

What Diversity of Experience Brings to the Table

David Nuff is a designer, and his portfolio includes designing brands for multinationals such as Google and Nestle. He is an ideal example of what diversity of experience has to offer.

One of David Nuff’s past engagements was working on wireless tech for a bike-sharing company whose success was recognized in TIME Magazine. David Nuff was a junior designer at the time, and he didn’t have certification to prove his design skills. He enrolled in school to learn computer design, picked up a lasting interest in art and design, and graduated with a degree in modern languages.

David Nuff was the ideal candidate, but he still got the job because of his skills and experience diversity. His diversity of skills enabled him to communicate and relate with the engineers while also putting his designing skills to work adding visual creativity to the process. His contribution was eventually helpful in getting the company recognized in 2008.

In a nutshell, diversity of skills and experience brings creativity, innovation, and strength to the table – in addition to many other benefits. The employee will use their experience working for different companies and in different fields to develop the best solution for your needs.

Diversity of Experience May Require On-the-Job Training

Employers value employees with a diversity of skills and experience. However, they are still hesitant to hire them, ironically.

David Nuff explains that companies with an established product/service prefer hiring employees with specialized skills instead of multi-skilled candidates. These companies have a rigid production and operation process, and they only need people to help push things along. More importantly, they believe that well-guarded operations secrets fuel the success behind their offerings.

Unfortunately, these companies miss out on benefits such as innovative solutions to existing problems because of their rigidity. They also fail to make the most of their employees’ potential, consequently making their output and productivity average.

A company’s growth and success is fueled by its employees’ input, as mentioned. To this end, well-trained employees will be highly productive and driven to solve the company’s problems and develop new innovations.

As such, it is advisable to invest in your employees’ skills and experience by offering them on-the-job training. Additionally, it is advisable to optimize their working environment if you wish to retain their valuable talent and refined skills.

Opportunities in Multi-Skilled Freelancers

Multi-skilled employees are valued not only because of what they have to offer but also because they are scarce. However, diversity of experience and skills is easier to find when working with freelancers.

Many freelancers have specialized skills, but they often work in multiple fields and industries. Many of them are also continually improving their skills and learning new ones in a bid to remain competitive. What’s more, they work just as efficiently and reliably as permanent, in-house employees – if not better.

Remote workers are not only multi-skilled but also available amidst the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are the ideal multi-skilled employees with a diversity of experience.

Final Thoughts

Your employees are among your greatest assets, and they have the potential to propel your company to success. Employees with a diversity of experience are especially resourceful, and you can find many of them freelancing as remote workers. You can also get the best on-demand developers ready to work at DevReady.

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