Remote Working: 5 Reasons Why Your Blended Teams Fail

Your teams play a vital role in the success of your business. Whether part-time, full-time, or freelancer, a well-managed team can unleash creativity and boost your production. But what really happens when the teams are underperforming?

As a business leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure that every person in the firm is productive. As such, you should keep an eye on each team to confirm everything is done accordingly.

This article will discuss the top six reasons why your blended teams have been failing and possible solutions you can try. Keep reading.

1. Poor Planning

Poor planning results in poor coordination. You should have a good plan of what each team will be doing, emphasizing on the remote team. Also, you should communicate your goals early enough and set clear deadlines to avoid causing inconveniences.

2. Lack of Support

Do you support your workers? Do you often check out the progress of your remote employees? Every employee requires support at some point, even when they are experienced. You can support them by offering the right tools and providing timely feedback.

3. Poor Communication

Your blended teams may be failing simply because the communication is poor. As a reputable firm, you should have proper communication methods to keep everyone in the organization connected. That’s why you should be very keen on the type of employees you hire. Whether part-time or full-time, every employee should be conversant with slack and other modern tools to improve communication.

4. Poor Training

Don’t assume that every person in the team knows what you want. Organizations are quite different, and this means that you should offer specialized training on what you want. Unless you outsource your employees or remote workers from a reputable firm, you should always provide both the initial and ongoing training programs to keep everyone informed.

5. Lack of Trust

Teams are built on trust. If the trust is not there, the team members will often have trust issues and a lack of morale, which translates to poor performance.

Blended Teams Can Thrive In The Right Environments.

One good thing about the above challenges is that they are easy to solve. You only need to provide the right working environment to keep every worker satisfied. Here are other helpful actions to take:

1. Hire the Right Workers

The worst mistake you can make as a leader is to bring in the wrong workers to your firm. No matter how hard you try, the wrong employee will always drag your efforts back. You should thoroughly check the background of the employers before you hire them. Alternatively, you should outsource your remote or part-time workers from reputable firms to ensure you are hiring the best. Again, you should offer little training to the people you hire.

2. Improve Communication

Nonverbal communication contains 93% of the message delivered. But what happens in remote situations when the face-to-face interactions are minimal? Thanks to technology, you can gladly improve your communication through video conferencing and other means. The goal is to provide clarity, clear instructions, and timely feedback to everyone in the team.

3. Set Clear Goals

Goal setting is part of planning. You should create a sense of focus by setting goals for the team members. The goals should be realistic and attainable. Also, you should review the plans regularly and drop the ones that don’t work.

4. Improve Problems Solving Strategies

Conflict will always be there in teams. While you can’t altogether avoid it, the good thing is that you can learn how to deal with it to keep everyone in peace. Without this skill set, it can be hard to manage the teams or improve your performance.

Bottom Line

Thanks to blended teams, organizations can get more creative and improve their performance. Don’t let your teams fail because of manageable issues. Follow the strategies above to unleash each employee’s capability and enhance the performance of your firm.

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