Multigenerational Workforce: Can We All Work Together?

For the first time, the workforce comprises five generations, ranging from traditionalists born before 1945 to Gen Z. different stereotypes foster each generation, and many people consider having such a varied employee base a hindrance to the business.

Sure, managing such a team can be a challenge. On the flip side, a multigenerational workforce can be advantageous to the company if you can only find a way to bring out the best in each cohort.

Don’t know how to go about it? Keep reading for some insightful tips to help you out.

5 Ways to Bring Out the Best in a Multigenerational Workforce

You must first realize that every generation has something to offer. The older workers bring in the experience, knowledge, and insight to your business. On the other hand, millennials and Gen Z provide the enthusiasm to see projects to completion and the curiosity to try out new innovative ways of accomplishing tasks.

When addressing generational issues in the workplace, the focus is almost always on millennials. However, the other workers’ needs are just as important, and ignoring them only reduces their productivity. Try out these five ways to get the most from your employees.

1. Look for the Common Traits

The first thing you ought to do is ignore all the cliches surrounding your workforce’s different generations. Everyone wants to be respected and heard, and these traits cut across the entire labor force.

Avoid generalizing your workers as per their ages. Instead, focus on what everyone has in common and use it to create a bond among them.

2. Have a Shared Vision and Purpose

You probably have a company mission and vision, and you should ensure your employees are familiar with both. Having a shared purpose helps your employees forget their differences and work towards achieving the company’s goals.

You should also define each project’s objectives, besides the overall company goals. When your employees have a clear picture of what you need to achieve as a team, they will work together and put aside their age differences.

3. Focus on Making Collaboration Easier

For most businesses, collaboration is usually a weekly thing. You get everyone to sit in the conference room and brainstorm on ideas to improve the business. However, you should find ways to make it easier for team members to corporate in just about any task the company undertakes.

For example, having team members of different ages working on the same project will foster better relations. Your employees will have to find ways to communicate effectively, listen to each other, and develop ideal solutions.

Thanks to technology, you can use different channels to foster better collaboration. Platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet will make it easier for everyone to chip in on a project. Rather than assume that older workers won’t be interested, show them how to set up everything so everyone can be on board.

4. Encourage Individual Perspectives from Your Employees

Your employees aren’t robots, and they have different takes on how the company runs its business. When sourcing your employees’ opinions on business matters, encourage them to speak and give their individual perceptions, not as a group.

Just as each generation is different, so are the people working for you. You’ll realize the unique traits in each of them and learn to appreciate them independently, instead of grouping them by age.

5. Choose Leaders Who Embrace Diversity & Inclusion

Unless you’re a jack of all trades, you’ll be needing some help running the different departments of your business. When choosing the leaders for each sector, be sure to go for those who appreciate the different age groups.

A leader who understands the benefits of a multigenerational workforce is more likely to encourage teamwork among their department workers.

Use DevReady to Create the Best Remote Multigenerational Workforce

Despite the age differences in a multigenerational workforce, everyone can work together for the company’s good. In fact, the diversity that comes along with it is what makes us stronger at DevReady.

If you still don’t know how to make this possible for your team, let us help you. Schedule a discovery call with us, and let’s get started on building the ideal multigenerational workforce for you.

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