Making Remote Work, Part 2: The Secret to Success Is to Act as a Mentor

Despite its glaring benefits, remote work is not without challenges. One of them is mastering the ingredients that yield success and ensure productivity and constant communication among all the remote members.

At DevReady, we believe remote work is crucial to the future of many businesses. Learning the secrets to remote work is important to our clients in optimizing our platform’s benefits and enhancing their remote work experience and us.

Leading Remote Teams is Easier than Leading in Person

Unlike leading in person, there are plenty of resources available at your disposal when leading a remote team. Most online platforms like DevReady have eased communication among the teams, eliminated unnecessary meetings, and improved clarity in messaging.

When leading a remote team, it is harder to say the wrong thing or offend a team member especially considering that we offer some oversight on your project, further simplifying communication.

The only challenge is often choosing the best mode of communication. You can write to the team for easy and light problems, but it’s often best to give them a call for more complex or important issues.

Mentors are the Most Effective Remote Leaders

A remote leader wears many caps. The one that yields the most success is being a mentor. Most remote teams seem to respond positively to mentors who show empathy, concern, sensitivity, and caring.

Freelance developers working under a mentor feel guided, encouraged, motivated, and challenged. As a result, such professionals are likely to be more productive and perform better.

Of course, different projects will require different leadership styles. At DevReady, we make your leadership role even easier by providing you with developers that are the best match for your project. Even better, we also offer technical oversight of the project, allowing you to encourage and guide the team better while we push them to deliver quality and on time.

You Will Need to be More than a Mentor

Completing a project successfully takes dedication and direction. While being a mentor yields impressive results, you might need to do much more depending on the project at hand and the team’s competence.

The most common role you will play as a leader is the coordinator. This is more so when you have different team members working on different aspects of the project.

Although it seems daunting to coordinate a team of developers, there are a few steps that can simplify the process and make your oversight role easier:

  •   Scheduling — At DevReady, we do most of the work ensuring your progress is on track and verifying the quality. But it would also help if you set aside some time to go through the work completed by DevReady on-demand developers to confirm the completed work and, most importantly, the quality.
  •   Provide clear and detailed feedback—Should there be areas of improvement or necessary changes, it’s vital to leave detailed and clear feedback to help the developers fix the issues and prevent them from happening in the future.
  •   Collaborate openly—The beauty of hiring on DevReady is the transparency the platform offers. You can enhance the work’s progress by looping in the developers on your ideas, project plans, and processes. Keeping information accessible by the team members can improve performance and accuracy of completing the project.

While remote teams tend to be more productive than in-house teams, success is often based on your leadership skills. DevReady takes the guesswork out of the process by making the process of running a remote team stress-free and straightforward.

We provide most of the oversight, allowing you to provide the developers with the information they need to complete the project while letting our experienced technical team manage the project and ensure it’s completed to the highest standards. Schedule a discovery call to find out more about our on-demand developers and the benefits of working with DevReady.

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