Making Remote Work: Here Are 3 Compelling Reasons To Adopt Remote Work For Your Projects

According to a survey carried out by the New York Times, there are over 43% of Americans doing a remote job. The rise in number could have been as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the truth is:

The culture of remote work has been on a steady rise even before the pandemic. While many companies still find it ineffective, Remote work is quite pragmatic and a realistic approach to realizing effective results.

So, in essence, remote work is more than just the add-on to the many conventional business practices. It’s becoming a necessity that we must all embrace and find a way to improve on.

As DevReady, we’re here to make your remote work an incredible experience. We got on-demand developers who are ready to take the tasks off your desk and deliver quality results.

Is Remote Work Effective?

We have been confronted with extraordinary situations. As a result, most companies have had to adopt extraordinary measures for their workforce.

However, the question remains: Is remote work effective?

Yet, for us at DevReady, we think that the main concern should be how to run a remote operation with unmatched efficiency.

And DevReady knows firsthand how to do it.

So whether you are a beginner or a leader in a company trying to build a remote team, DevReady will provide you with a blueprint for solid yet long-term success.

Are you still hesitant about getting remote workers for your project?

Remote work is the future. But more importantly, there is a robust technology to help us move in that direction.

Here is why we think you need to hire remote workers for your projects.

1. Increased Productivity

It’s been more than a year of a monumental shift to work from home. There have been tremendous gains made, with many business leaders appreciating the increased levels of productivity.

Nonetheless, there are still several people who are adamant about giving up on the office space.

The success story couldn’t have been captured well than how PwC did it.

According to a survey done in July 2020, 83% of sampled workers said the shift to remote work has been quite useful for their companies.

Away from the office noise, employees face fewer involuntary distractions. They deal with fewer, or no office politics, thus making them more engaged.

2. Workforce Diversity

Working from the office limits employers to the kind of employees they can hire.

As a U.S.-based company, you can only get workers around your region. And the reasons for this are apparent.

However, incorporating a remote workforce in your company introduces you to a pool of workers from all corners of the world.

You get a more diversified workforce despite being several miles apart. Whether it’s exceptional IT talent or necessary managerial skills, you can get that at the comfort of your office chair.

3. Reduced Turnover Rates

You don’t want a scenario where you hire workers, and they walk away after a few months. The retention rate is very vital for your business growth and continuity.

According to a study compiled by Global Workplace, 95% of employers cited remote work as a way to retaining workers for a long time.

Employees allowed to work remotely feel they are fully trusted and therefore increases the levels of confidence and loyalty in your team.

DevReady is Turning the Most Challenging Projects Into a Success

You see, the first step to realizing a successful project is assembling the right developers for your project. We understand the need to have a remote workforce for your company.

More importantly, at DevReady, we match you with a developer whose skillset and experience are tailor-made for our project.

Give us the project and watch as we transform your company into a global village.

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