How to Search and Recruit the Best Software Developers

Businesses worldwide are undergoing digital transformation at a rapid rate. As a result, seeking and recruiting high-quality software developers often presents a challenge. Complicating the situation is that the current global demand for highly talented developers is exceptionally high. As of 2020, there are an estimated one million programming jobs in the U.S. alone that may remain unfilled as openings exceed the number of qualified candidates. The dilemma businesses must face is how to find and recruit the best developers in the industry.

Where to Search

There are several online venues where managers can begin their search for experienced developer candidates.

  •  Online communities such as Github and CodeProject are excellent sites to start the search for qualified software programmers. These popular development platforms offer insights into coders’ experience and skills that are suitable for specific projects. Other avenues include freelance sites where professionals obtain work as independent contractors. However, if they meet an organization’s particular qualifications and standards, they may be open to accepting full-time employment.
  • Coding bootcamps that bring thousands of coders together in one place can also be an excellent resource to find developer talent. In fact, tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and LinkedIn have hired coders from bootcamps. The main benefit of recruiting from them is that candidates receive hands-on experience and must complete projects independently and with teams, skills that tech businesses demand from their developers.
  • Developer conferences and meetups also attract a great deal of developer talent. Businesses can search for specific skills, tech stacks, and language experience amongst a pool of qualified developers. By attending the conference or meetup, managers can connect with developers seeking work or those that can make referrals to other qualified candidates.


The developer recruitment process should also involve testing potential candidates to demonstrate their programming skills. These tests are administered in one of three ways.

  1. Automated tests

This type of testing can easily separate the skilled from the beginner coders. There are several online platforms available that offer a library of test choices with flexible timetables. The platform does all the work of grading and emails results to the client.

  1. Questionnaires

These tests can identify smart programmers quickly and easily as well as identify their level of problem-solving. While deadlines vary, questionnaires are not as time-consuming and usually don’t require more than a few hours to complete.

  1. Live coding tests

This type of test shows how well an applicant can identify and solve a real issue and demonstrate their ability to collaborate with others in the company. Usually running 15 minutes to an hour, screen-sharing is used to actually observe how the applicant locates and solves the problem.

Personality Qualifications to Consider

Technical expertise and experience are always the predominant qualifications in a software developer. However, there are other significant characteristics hiring managers must also consider during their candidate search.

  • Strong communication skills

Developers working on team projects must possess effective communication skills and know when to ask the right questions regarding the end user’s business needs.

  • Fast learner
    Developers often self-educate themselves on new skills, rules, and tricks of the trade to complete challenging programming projects. Their information often comes in the form of peer communications, trade publications, and other professional avenues. A developer’s ability to learn new languages and coding advances on the fly is a great asset to an organization.
  •  Manage time efficiently
    Developers alternate their time between planning and actively coding. However, the amount of time they devote to each of these activities often  dictates their success in completing their assigned tasks.
  • Accountability

When things go wrong, developers must take accountability if they are found to be at fault. Admitting responsibility and then having a plan to correct the problem can help get the project back on track.


Searching and recruiting the right software developer for the job does not have to be a complicated, time-consuming activity. By following the above guidelines, hiring managers can improve their chances of finding candidates that are a good fit for their companies and projects. DevReady can make this task easier thanks to our fully vetted and experienced pool of qualified software developers. Contact us for more information on our pool of elite developers available immediately for your project.

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