Hiring The Best Node.js Developers in 2021

Since its inception in May 2009, Node.js has gained widespread acceptance and application among developers and mainstream companies. For instance, PayPal, Netflix, eBay, just to mention a few, are among business giants using Node.js in their software development.

Essentially, Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment used in app development. It enjoys a rich ecosystem making it an excellent choice for companies that want to build progressive web applications (PWAs), mobile apps, or just as a server-side stack for their systems. The many available libraries and packages and the fact that it uses JavaScript, which is proficient among many developers, make Node.js stand out for seamless development.

Astoundingly, the demand for experienced and proficient Node.js developers is high, making the current developer number far from filling all the required positions. The trend shows that in 2021, it becomes even more tedious to recruit a Node.js developer. However, looking for ready vetted developers from platforms such as DevReady can make this process a fulfilling one. The community makes it easy as they already have the experienced developers you’re looking for.

Firstly, consider the following tips before you hire a Node.js developer in 2021

1. What are Your Requirements?

Development with Node.js involves a wide-angle of things and criteria. Understand the idea of the application you want to create or revamp. This will help significantly narrow down the skills you require and the standards of developer needed. For example, if your application involves a library such as React, you would want a developer who’s conversant with the same.

2. JavaScript Proficiency

As the JavaScript changes, so is Node.js. The developer you’re looking forward to hiring should have the ability to use the current advanced JavaScript like ES6 skills. Lack of understanding these language complexities may mean incompatibility of your applications with other technologies used in your firm, or rather this issue may prompt up in future. Concepts such as asynchronous programming are key areas every Node.js developer should have a clear grasp of since it is the core of smooth and flawless applications.

3. Previous Work Matters

Nothing speaks louder and truth in a developer’s experience than the previous projects they have accomplished. If you’re hiring a freelancer, then be on the lookout for previous customer reviews. Whenever possible, personal portfolios and GitHub profiles can also tell volumes about the kind of developer you’re dealing with. Finally, be sure that the developer has at least worked in a similar domain like yours.

4. Collaboration and Communication Abilities

The probability of a developer working solo on a project is minimal, suggesting they’ll mostly work in a team. Therefore, to be effective and sustainable in development in 2021, the developer should possess teamwork skills and efficient communication capabilities. Besides, as the notion of remote working continues to expand, these skills can’t be omitted if you want nothing less of a well-organized remotely working team of developers. You can quickly tell how well-informed a developer is in these skills by looking at the projects they have accomplished in collaboration with others or if there is an open-source project they have contributed to in GitHub, among others.

5. Practical Test

Hands-on technical skills assessment through practical problems is essential before finally signing the agreement. If you have an ongoing Node.js project, you can test them in that frontier by involving them or allocating a mini-project. You’ll get to know the developer’s error debugging skills as well as first-hand skill assessment. However, this might call for an already existing developer in your team to inspect the practical examination.

We believe a developer who has met all those criteria can substantively complete projects. The key takeaway is that you should be ready to adjust as needed to have a wide range of talents at your disposal for hiring.

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