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Since Facebook released React in 2015, it has gained massive popularity among professionals and companies over the years. As of 2020, React remained the most popular JavaScript library, and this trend is expected to grow in 2021 and beyond. This means that the demand for top-notch React developers is not dwindling any time soon.

To be competitive in the ever-changing business environment, you deserve top talent developers with vast experience to work on and maintain your React codebase. Considering the low supply and rising demand, where can you then get such programmers? Well, you came just to the right place! DevReady is made for you. We have the React developer(s) you’re looking for, and they’re available now. Do you mean the best? Yes, before any developers join our community, we pass them through a rigorous vetting process to ensure only the finest make it into this platform.

What’s React?

First things first. React is a JavaScript library designed by Facebook for building user interfaces (UIs). It utterly takes advantage of the power of JavaScript by integrating HTML in JavaScript using JSX. With React, the developer focuses on building the interfaces rather than how the browser paints the screen. It offers an excellent user experience (UX) as only the UI component that needs to be re-rendered changes instead of reloading the whole webpage.

Why React

React is not famous for nothing. Building apps with it has a couple of perks you would want to bring your organization. Without focusing on why developers love it, here are the reasons firms are migrating to React.

  • First Turnaround

The last thing you want is your development team using a stack that would take a lot of time coding and debugging. React makes it pretty easy to reuse components. Its minimalist approach and consistent code are written in a single language, making debugging and maintenance easier.

Perhaps the most fantastic bonus is that the same React development team can still develop native apps using React Native. What more! That would cut not only the time but also the costs of hiring an entirely new team to work differently on the native app.

  • Stability and Ecosystem

As a business, finding futuristic solutions is key to tomorrow’s survival. Therefore, you need your applications to be written in a language assured of updates, support, and stability. With more prominent players like Facebook at the core of React updates, you can sit assured it won’t go obsolete any time sooner like many libraries that came and disappeared. Additionally, more developers have interests in learning React as Single Page Applications (SPAs) dominate the market.

  • SEO

It makes no sense to develop an outstanding UI/UX application with unfriendly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards. You already know that major search engines like Google need to rank your page higher if potential customers will ever discover it. React JS applications have been tested and proved without a doubt to be SEO-friendly.

What to Look in a React Developer

  • ES6 Skills

As you’ve known so far, React uses JavaScript, and developers should have unwavering know-how of the new ES6 conversions that make code cleaner and short.

  • Node.js

React heavily relies on Node.js, especially if the application is server-side rendering. Developers who have skills in Node.js and React can be superior at developing state-of-the-art React applications

  • HTML and CSS

Though React uses JSX and the idea of inline styles written as objects in JavaScript is growing, the programmer should possess advanced knowledge in semantic HTML, CSS, and how DOM works.

  • High Order Functions

From React 16.8 onwards, Facebook announced that it would concentrate on functional components and progressively withdrawing class support to React. Therefore, qualified react developers have a great understanding of manipulating these forms of functions.

Hire Now

Our work at DevReady concentrates on these and more qualifications when hiring a developer into our team. Therefore, we allow you to focus on the business’s core areas; rest assured, you can add a developer to your development team anytime, stress-free. Are you looking for the best React developers? Schedule a call with our accommodating team to know how we can help.

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