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Whatever niche your company or business caters to, the tools that will take you to the next level are based on versatility and reachability. This is exactly what .Net Core is. Its functionalities extend to all mobile and desktop platforms while also creating a practical framework for Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, and web technologies.

Additionally, a lot of companies are looking at .Net Core as the development framework that matches their software needs because of its license-less operation. No Windows Licenses means money is saved. Before looking into hiring the best .Net Core developers, let’s first look a little deeper into what it is and does.

What is .Net Core?

The .Net Core is a close cousin to the .Net Framework. While the .Net Framework has historically been used to create Windows desktop and server-based applications, the .Net Core has been used to develop server applications that operate on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems.

Furthermore, this open-source, cross-platform network can be deployed for cloud functionalities and also converting large business applications into microservices. Net Core Developers develop libraries and applications in C#, V#, and VB.NET.

When should you use .Net Core?

.Net Core has remained in huge demand over recent years since its meteoric rise in popularity in 2017-2018. However, leading corporate entities don’t react impulsively to technological trends but rather assess their needs and act accordingly. You should hire developers well-versed in .Net Core because:

1. Of cross-platform needs

In this day and age, most businesses and companies are using software systems to optimize their own services and interact with clients or customers. For this reason, the applications being created work across multiple platforms. .Net Core is used to create apps that work in Windows, Linux, and macOS.

These different platforms are supported in the form of development workstations. You will now find that Visual Studio can be used on Windows systems. Visual Studio Code, on the other hand, works with all the three main desktop operating systems.

2. Microservices are being used

What is a microservice? It is a service-tailored architecture made up of tiny business services. Instead of having one big app, you have several smaller modules that are deployed independently, run specific processes, and are developed in varying programming applications.

The significance of .Net Core in all this is that it allows this mash-up of technologies while being lightweight enough that it can be minimized when it comes to each microservice. New services being added makes it scalable.

3. Of your high-performance and scalable system requirements

As per Microsoft’s recommendation, for the best scale and performance, .NET Core should be run with ASP.NET Core. The advantage of this is seen when lower numbers of servers are needed, even when hundreds of microservices are in use. Furthermore, the scalability and efficiency that ensues translate into increased cost-saving and a better all-round user experience.

What Should a Competent .Net Core Developer Know?

Analytics and data have become the new currency of this techno-financial world we’re living in. This is why you need to hire developers who know their stuff. An error or glitch in the system can result in the loss of a lot of money-making hours for your business. Therefore, a good-enough .Net Core developer is skilled in C#, Microsoft, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, and Visual Studio. Let’s look at a brief overview of this skill-set.

1. Database administration

Data is the backbone of software development; this is true for .NET as well. Proper .Net Core developers should know their way around the SQL databases by Microsoft. Know-how in emerging technologies like NoSQL has changed from being an added advantage to a job requirement.

2. Web development

.Net developers need to know how to build both sides of an application, the server-side and the client-side. This will necessitate the developer to be armed with know-how in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS languages.

A developer knowledgeable in both these sides of app development can link a loose end in the front-end with its corresponding association in the back-end.

3. Mobile development

Any corporation looking to expand their businesses will look to dive into the mobile scene, in addition to other platforms. Developers thus have to be skilled in creating mobile applications, even for less popular .Net applications such as when dealing with the Windows Mobile operating systems.

4. Knowledge of ASP.Net MVC

Knowledge in any aspect of your field of expertise is vital. There are different frameworks one can use when developing applications, but expertise in ASP.Net MVC is especially important. It is too popular to ignore, and thus a competent .Net Developer should know how it works, its pros, and its cons.

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