Hire the Best C# Developer

Since 2000 when Microsoft developed C# (pronounced as ‘see sharp‘), it has gained popularity among developers and companies, especially those using the .NET framework. As a high-level programming language known to be a simple, all-purpose, object-oriented, and modern programming language, C# offers diverse capabilities. C# developers have the ability to program and build about any .NET application.

To be competitive in the market, you need state-of-the-art applications. And if C# is your primary programming language, you’d want to hire developers who command a high proficiency on the same. However, these developers are few, and the low supply is far from fulfilling the current market demands—that where DevReady comes in. We recruit high-quality C# developers you can get in the market and make them available to you for hire as soon as you require one. But before that, let look at what is required of a C# developer before hiring.

Must-Have Skills for C# Developer

1. Deep understanding of the Language

If there is anything to stress for a C# developer, it’s their proficiency in it. Though it may seem simple because it follows similar patterns as other popular languages such as C, C++, or JavaScript, you shouldn’t assume an expert in those other languages can still code your development project in C# skillfully. Don’t get deceived; A C# developer needs to have learned and perfected it before successfully getting hired for any project.

2. Familiarity with .NET and ASP.NET

This is a Microsoft development framework that’s used to create Windows desktop applications and various server-side applications. It comes with Winforms, which makes the writing of rich client apps simpler. The C# developer also needs to be familiar with Mono Frameworks, which gives them an edge in developing applications for other operating systems like Mac OS or Linux. Besides, they also need to be acquainted with ASP.NET, a server-side web development framework for creating dynamic sites.

3. OOP

Daily reality continues to stretch the need for more Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) than functional-based code. As an OOP language, C# developer should have an excellent grasp of the classes/object concept such as inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation, which are vital in OOP programming.

4. Experienced in Popular Microsoft-Based Frameworks

After developing the language, Microsoft continuously launches tools that make designing with C# unified and straightforward. Notwithstanding, world-class C# developers should possess an understanding of these tools in order to deliver modern apps. They include:

  • Visual Studio: This is the development platform or what we call an integrated development environment (IDE). Good skill in the Visual Studio ensures not only error-free code but also quick deliverables.
  • WPF: Windows Presentation Foundation helps in creating UI elements of desktop client applications.
  • Windows Communication Foundation: WCF framework is key in developing service-oriented applications. WCF makes it possible to send data asynchronously from one service to another.
  • UWP: The Universal Windows Platforms make it much simpler to have a single codebase for all Microsoft products.

5. Deep Understanding of Database

C# developer should have a profound understanding of databases and database servers like SQL server to develop flawless full-stack apps. Dynamic and smooth apps depend on the ability of the applications to communicate with the database server impeccably.

What Applications Can You Develop with C#?

It no surprise that C# popularity continues to boom. This is because cross-platform apps are becoming famous while also you can develop an array of applications using the language, including:

  •  Web apps
  • Web services and API
  • Native Android and IOS mobile apps
  • Backend services
  • Games, e.g., Video Games

Hire C# Developers Now

Why wait or go through ineffective traditional staffing methods? As we stated earlier, DevReady continually adds quality developers to our already big pool to make your next hiring process stress-free. We meticulously vet our C# developers to be sure only those of the caliber you want make it to join our team. We pride in having the best-talented C# developers ready to hire and efficiently can work remotely. Whether you want a solo developer, or to skill up an already existing development team, talk to us and learn how we can help you to hire the best C# developer for your project.

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