Guide To Hire Great Freelance Developers

The latest report by indicates that 71% of companies are happy working with remote developers. However, the increase in freelance platforms has made it difficult to find remote employees. Combing through the numerous applications can be time-consuming. You need to spend that time wisely. You need to focus on making more money rather than looking for who to hire.

Remote workers can help your business achieve its long-term goal. Before you start hiring, it’s good to know how to get a great developer. Imagine having to go through hundred of applications just to get one developer? So how do you get a remote developer fast?

When it comes to hiring a developer, DevReady has on-Demand professionals who will deliver as per your requirements. We screen our freelancers, so you are guaranteed quality and reduce your risk exposure when looking for remote employees. Here’s what to look for when hiring remote workers.

1. Don’t be in a hurry

Being in a hurry is one thing you should avoid when searching for remote employees. In as much as you are looking to meet a deadline, hiring numerous workers is not a good move. It’s crucial to test their skills first. You can go through the freelancer’s portfolio to have a feel of what they can do. If the applicant does not have a portfolio, it can be a red flag. You need to have tests to ensure you get the right fit for your organization. The candidate should also not have any problem going through an evaluation. If the freelancer will be working with a team, it is only right to consult the team members.

2. Be realistic

In as much as you may want to find the perfect developer, money will always be a factor. Hiring the best developer costs a lot of money something that most organizations can’t afford. The developer wants to have well-paying jobs that are equal to their skills and efforts. You’ll get value for your money when you find a developer who shares your vision.

3. Conduct a comprehensive interview process

The interview process is a must if you want to have a developer who is a good fit for your organization. The process requires you to do research and ask the right questions to the candidates. Make sure you ask about their technical skills. If you notice any gaps in their resume, you need to ask them to explain what happened during those periods. The questions should be open-ended so that you get more information from the candidate. You can check to tell whether the candidate is willing to learn new things by asking about new skills.

4. Don’t make it all about tech

When looking for a developer, your main focus will be on coding skills. But before you get into that, you should consider the candidate’s human side. Is the candidate a good fit? Most employers overlook the candidate’s cultural aspect. You should consider the human aspect if you want an employee who will be in the organization for the long term. With the technological changes, it is advisable to choose a developer who can be a team player.

5. Involve your team

The developer will join the organization’s team. According to research, 96% of developers work on a team, and it is only right that you involve them in the hiring process. Your team can ask relevant questions and help you prepare for the interview. Your team will also ensure you hire the best candidate. They’ll not want someone incompetent.

When looking for a freelance developer to hire, you should look for the best one you can get. Take your time going through the applications until you find the right fit for your organization. If you don’t know where to start, head over to DevReady and make your discovery call today.

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