Agile Talent

Agile talent is exactly what it sounds like: a group of software developers that can work more quickly and more nimbly than a traditional, full-time workforce. And when it comes time for you to tap into that agile talent pool, your company not only can get the exact right talent for any project, you are now positioned to pivot more quickly and can respond to technological changes within your own marketplace.

Aligning with agile talent does force companies to become more deliberate in assigning tasks, but this but one benefit to your company as it streamlines over the long run. In the old model, you would hire talented software developers to perform their primary tasks, but also a litany of auxiliary, non-essential roles. There was also the hope or expectation that those employees would eventually evolve into broader roles.

The Roles

That paradigm is eroding in today’s gig economy. Agile talent prefers roles where their talents are appreciated and respected, and don’t force them into tasks they may not desire or are particularly suited for, i.e., management. Plus, the deep talent pool of software developers allows you to be nimble in the face of disruptive innovation. Are you fearful of being left behind when technology is moving faster than your current developers can manage? In the gig economy, you can react more quickly without committing to a full-time relationship that may not benefit the talent or your corporate directives.

Another benefit to agile talent is that where you find good developers, you are also likely to find better developers. You may or may not believe in the 10xer concept, but at least you give some credence to the fact that some developers have more intrinsic value than others. In the gig economy, you can dip into the talent pool to find exactly what you need, and more affordably.

And where do you find these super developers? In the agile talent pool, that’s where. Their processes may not fit exactly to your in-office structure, but the results are quantifiable.

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