6 Qualities of the Best WordPress (PHP) Developers in 2021

Many programmers are out there, each claiming to be the best in the field, but how do you pick out the best WordPress developer? If you want a developer that can go beyond the basics to bring innovations to their projects or push the boundaries a little further, you will not settle for an average developer.

Here are six qualities you should look for in a top developer for your business.

1. Has a clear understanding of WordPress security

An average developer may have little or no knowledge at all about the security of your website. But a top developer should be the one to stop you from messing with the security of your website and put it at risk of getting compromised or hacked. This developer should also advise not to:

  • Customize the WordPress core
  • Disable updates because they could weigh your website down
  • Download plugins from known piracy sites
  • Use the cheapest hosting you can find

These mistakes can cost your site and your company, and a good developer should know about them. Absolute knowledge of website security is a vital trait of a developer worth their salt.

2. A positive track record

If you are using freelancer sites to find your next developer, you might need to be on the lookout for new accounts with little or no feedback. The developers could be new on the platform, but the most likely scenario is that their old accounts were banned. Also, a string of bad reviews due to shoddy work can drive lackluster developers to close their accounts and start afresh. If the positive comments look unnatural, like vague one-worders, you will do well to avoid them.

3. Ability to reply promptly and courteously

Timely, well-worded, and courteous replies show the professionalism of a developer. A top-notch WordPress developer for 2021 and beyond should not stop at prompt responses. Such developers take time to create and proof-read their mail before hitting “send.” It does not even matter that they aren’t native English speakers. Glaring typos and grammar mistakes give the impression that the PHP developer may be equally careless with their coding.

4. Can articulate how they will achieve their goals

Don’t commit to working with a particular developer if they can’t demonstrate how they hope to achieve their goals. You may not precisely be tech-savvy but have an idea of the task at hand. Your prospective hire should bring you to the light and explain what they expect to do and how they will implement the processes leading to the fulfillment of your goals. Top developers have everything figured out and can envision how the results would look before commencing the project.

5. Have professional knowledge of PHP

A WordPress developer without professional knowledge of PHP would be of no use for your website. PHP is the server-side programming language that powers WordPress. Adequate knowledge of PHP helps them to complete projects quickly, especially if they have learned special frameworks, such as Laravel. Many developers may be experts in common programming languages like Python, Pearl and Ruby, but without a thorough understanding of PHP, they will struggle with your WordPress website.

6. Have ancillary skills

WordPress does not exist in isolation. The best candidate should be aware of the latest web design trends and apply them to your website project. Since your website revolves around marketing your business, the developer must possess an in-depth knowledge of SEO requirements. These requirements will help them optimize your site to rank high on search engines and attract quality traffic. They should complete the website with such useful tools as CTAs, sign-ups, trials, and email list-building.

Finding developers can’t be difficult if you know what to look for in the right candidate. Ensure your prospect demonstrates a good understanding of website security, has all the skills required, and provides immediate feedback. If you are wondering where to find the best developer, visit our site to hire a WordPress developer now.

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