5 Reasons Traditional Recruiting Methods Fail

The whole process of adding new top-notch talent to your company can be stressful, especially in the area of tech. And part of the problem is using traditional hiring methods in recruitment. More than often, these methods lead to a suitable candidate missing out on the job.

To start with, tech is a vast area with very low supply and high demand. The types of roles for developers are diverse and specific, and traditional methods can’t effectively work. For instance, if you were looking for a JavaScript developer, then many might show up. But truly, what you needed is a developer with a high niche in Node.js and React. With traditional recruiting methods, you might end up adding a developer who can’t efficiently work with your existing technology.

Here are the reasons why we think traditional methods fail when it comes to hiring developers


Traditionally, hiring involves things like the advertisement of job vacancies, shortlisting of candidates, conducting interviews, and so on. Every step of this process requires funds. Multiple studies estimate that these expenses may swell up to $5000 for single hiring. If you were looking to fill a number of vacancies, the costs might even pass this mark. When it comes to the developer world, these expenses can significantly reduce if you source ready developers from platforms like DevReady.

Time Taking

Time is money! You’ve heard this statement more than you can probably count. But it not a matter of money only; how fast you can add a developer to an existing development team matters a lot. The quicker a new team member can come on board, the more likely they can meet stated milestones and deadlines. Relying on traditional procedures in such a scenario can be frustrating, as the process is snail-fast due to the tedious process of advertisement, shortlisting, and vetting.

If the hiring team at your company is involved in filling other positions, they will take longer. It estimated traditional staffing could take up to about 4 months to recruit successfully. That’s a quarter of a year gone!

Rarely Result in a Perfect Match

Consider a situation where a development project is halfway but running short of human resources. Or you want to scale up the team to complete the project on time. Hiring through out-of-date methods will rarely lead to a perfect match that seamlessly integrates with the existing team.

With the growing new normal of remote teams, the modern style of outsourcing talents from hiring companies promises quick turnaround and verified individuals who’ve worked previously with the kind of team at your firm. Additionally, traditional staffing teams lack the know-how or skills to vet developers deeply.

Ineffective for Deploying Remote Teams

If you’re currently considering building a development team, or you’ve got an existing one, it likely they’ll work from home. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that employees can be sourced and work efficiently from any part of the world. This is exclusively an advantage for tech teams as they can comprise top talent from any corner. Traditional strategies of hiring can rarely be able to fill such positions. It calls for professional firms who can explicitly vet and integrate a highly collaborative and proved expert into a remote development team.

Overarching Problem

Traditional methods comprise of recruiters who present possible candidates for the company to hire. This isn’t only ineffective for tech teams, but also the problem leads to the company being limited to the list provided by recruiters.

In the case of hiring companies, they spend significant time beforehand, finding the best suited qualified professionals who can fill any gap on an urgent need. Therefore, eliminating this problem of having to settle with the next available person promptly.

Modern Hiring Approaches: Ready on Demand

At DevReady, we understand the ineffective hiring process companies have to pass through with the old-style methods. Thereby, we came up with a platform where we progressively vet qualified and experienced developers, ready for hire now. Our process ensures that only high-quality developers make it to our community. Therefore, we got you covered whenever you need a hassle-free process to add quality to your company. Schedule a call to learn how we can help you.

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