3 Tips for Successful Remote Work

Before the pandemic, most people were still hesitant about embracing the idea of working from home. However, since the pandemic, there was no other option but to work remotely, since the pandemic brought restrictions that had to be followed. These restrictions included isolation and social distance.

Even though some of these restrictions are currently being lifted and more people are back to their workplaces, working away from the office is still a great idea.  Remote work has numerous benefits, including no dress code requirement, flexible working hours, and you get to save time and money that you spend commuting every day going to the office and coming back home.

If you’re still hesitant about a flexible workplace, below are tips on successfully working away from your office.

1. Establish a Routine and a Suitable Workspace

Although flexible working hours is great as it gives you the much-needed freedom, it could also be disastrous in terms of productivity if not handled well. One of the many challenges of working from home is the many distractions like your cell phone, emails, household duties, or kids (if you have them).

To avoid these distractions, you need to have a daily routine. Sticking to a daily routine will help you overcome the many distractions that come with working away from your office. Without a routine, you can be continuously tempted to do other things, thus wasting your time.

Apart from setting a routine, setting a suitable workspace is another critical aspect of successfully working from home. Apart from your home, you can find another suitable spot such as a coffee shop or the local library.

2. Always Reach Out To Your Colleagues

It is easy to engage your colleagues in topics other than your job duties when working in the office. Unfortunately, since you are working away from the office, you may have to make it a habit to always catch up with your colleagues. You can do this by:

  • Setting up a virtual coffee date with a colleague during your off-hours
  • Making video calls a mandatory part of your conversation with colleagues
  • Working with your video on and engage in video chat when possible
  • Utilizing your former commute time to catch up with colleagues

When working in the same office, it is much easier to catch up when you meet in the kitchen or when walking from and to meetings. However, when it comes to working remotely, you have to make an effort to socialize with your colleagues to maintain the same energy as when working together in an office.

3. Schedule a Timeout from All Your Digital Devices

It is very easy to suffer from digital burnout when working at home. Digital burnout is a type of burnout influenced by digital devices like your cell phone, computer, or television. Modern life and technological advancement have made it possible for us to be connected all the time, but this constant connection may ultimately affect your productivity.

Thus, it is best to avoid digital burnout by taking digital breaks and setting a specific time for a digital timeout. During the timeout, you can switch off your devices and the Wi-Fi.

Keep in mind that you can only do your best when you are relaxed and focused. So, do not hang back on disabling notifications. The constant chimes and beeps not only affect your productivity but also affect you emotionally.


We may not know for how long the option of working from home will last, but one thing that is for sure; our world is influenced by technology that is continuously changing. Be sure to take advantage of a flexible workplace while it still lasts. At DevReady, we have on-demand developers ready to assist you in making the most of remote work.

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