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Jay has been an IT Consultant for 10 years, working on a number of projects and specializing in SQL database design and development. Over the last year, he has been focusing more on Python and Cloud technologies. His most recent experience includes acting as a Data Integration Engineer at 1upHealth and completing his Data Science Certification.  
Adriano is a Python Django Instructor and Python Programmer. Along with instructing Linux and Python Django career courses, he has worked as a project manager, cloud services manager of GCP, specialist in network services and Google Workspace Office Suite, and has done projects for a number of companies. He has expertise in RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Mysql, Shell Script, LVM, virtualization, IPTABLES, Sendmail, Postfix, VMware, DNS, DHCP, Open Source Platforms, and Raspberry Pi4.
Franklin is a Professional Unity Developer with over 13 years experience working with highly varied projects focusing on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as well as client acquisition and support.  He released his first solo computer game, The Farming Game: Software Edition through self-funding. Released three commercial tutorial sets for the Unity engine during college. He was the primary programmer for two Williams Interactive box products and was the primary developer for the augmented reality mobile application "Noovie Arcade." Current projects utilize his expertise in Unity applications.  Franklin is a fast learner who taught himself InstallShield in about a day and learned the ActionScript needed for a job in about a week.
Francisco is a Computer Science Engineer with a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and more than twenty years of working experience, fifteen of those designing, implementing and operating systems in a variety of industries including: mining, telecommunications, banking among others. Passionate to deliver elegant, simple, relevant solutions (processes and systems) to end-users.  He is an expert in cloud platforms, and databases.
Bruno is an experienced Software Engineer and technical lead skilled in test automation, software craftsmanship, and SDLC. Bruno is a .NET technical lead, developing projects from scratch including setting up development team, designing the architecture, setting up CI/CD pipeline and providing maintenance. His expertise includes .NET (C#, .NET Core 1, 2, and 3), .NET Core 5, Python (scripting for test automation), Node.js, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Sybase.
Gabriel is a Senior Software Engineer who thrives on new challenges. He has over 10 years' experience on the .NET platform, has worked with Agile teams, and enjoys microservices architecture.

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