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Bruno Camba
Bruno is an experienced Software Engineer and technical lead skilled in test automation, software craftsmanship, and SDLC. Bruno is a .NET technical lead, developing projects from scratch including setting up development team, designing the architecture, setting up CI/CD pipeline and providing maintenance. His expertise includes .NET (C#, .NET Core 1, 2, and 3), .NET Core 5, Python (scripting for test automation), Node.js, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Sybase.
Anton Dalagan
Anton is an enthusiastic, highly motivated, cannot-sleep-because-he-needs-to-fix-this-bug, software engineer who has over 9 years of experience in software development of web-based enterprise applications using various JS libraries, Java/J2EE, REST/SOAP web services, and ORACLE Databases. He is predominantly a self-starter and a proactive worker, a team player who works well in both one-on-one and group settings. He is not afraid of new technologies, because he believes that we learn a lot outside our comfort zone. Anton is also Scrum Master Certified (SMC). TECH STACK: JAVA 8/J2EE, SPRING FW, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, JQUERY, JSON, ANGULAR, BOOSTRAP3&4, SPRING THYMELEAF, DATATABLES. JSP, STRUTS FW, JMS, SOAP WS, RESTFUL API, HIBERNATE, JUNIT, MOKITO, MYSQL, SPRING BOOT, MICROSERVICES, ORACLE RDBMS, APACHE TOMCAT, AWS, APACHE ANT, GRADLE, UNIX, ECLIPSE, GIT, JENKINS, STASH, JIRA, CONFLUENCE, NETSPARKER, SONARQUBE, BASH/SHELL.
Johnnie Luo
Johnnie is an experienced and professional Frontend Engineer with over 8 years of valuable experience in developing and maintaining Web and Saas platforms. Familiar and adept in working with different spheres of software engineering. Reputation for continually achieving on- time and under-budget performance goals. Accustomed to handling project risks, QA testing, system maintenance, and supporting various engineering departments with IT tools and applications. Bringing forth a motivated attitude and the ability to establish strong and productive relationships with other company members. Johnnie specializes in creating custom web applications and services in JavaScript, TypeScript, ES 6+, PHP/Laraval, and Ruby, React, Vue, and Angular.   Johnnie's last two projects consisted of the development of a market intelligence platform (setting up infrastructure and building each page with ReactJS and Redux) and a learning platform (created application mockups), both built from scratch.   GitHub:
Dmitry Selikhov
Dmitry is a full-stack web engineer with 10+ years experience, getting his start working on simple e-commerce installations. Since then, he has progressed to building and working with large, highly-customized and integrated platforms, becoming an expert in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, infrastructure, DevOps, back-of-house operations, performance auditing, coding standards, version control, single-page applications, and more. Certifications held in TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, React, Node.js, and Vue.js.
Gabriel Gimenes
Gabriel is a Senior Software Engineer who thrives on new challenges. He has over 10 years' experience on the .NET platform, has worked with Agile teams, and enjoys microservices architecture.
Leonardo Mateo
Software developer and consultant, interested in cross-platform and web applications and helping deliver robust solutions for a variety of domains. Specialties include software design and development, system architecture, BDD, OOP, Ruby, Rails, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C++, HAML, SASS, Git, and Linux. Projects include: ScopedConcerns ( Small library for concern separation providing a common interface and error handling. Implemented in Python and Ruby. DataNotary ( Simple data validator concept implemented on Python, inspired on the ruby gem Scrivener IChist ( Web application for sharing chats from different sources in a unified style FunkyWorldCup ( Web application to share and play against your friends with predictions for the FIFA 2014 World Cup. Bluetail Simple Ruby gem for posting to twitter. Crocodile Ruby gem to manage periodic Ruby written background jobs Migraine ( Cross platform database migration tool using C++ and Qt framework.

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