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Tina is a Senior Database Administrator with over 20 years’ of experience as a DBA including SQL Server 6.X, SQL Server 7.0 (since 1998), SQL Server 2000 (since 2001), SQL Server 2005 (since 2006), SQL Server 2008 (since 2009), SQL Server 2012 (since 2013), SQL Server 2016 (since 2017), SQL Server 2019 (since 2020), as well as system administration experience in SAP HANA databases (since 2014). She is Microsoft Certified on Azure Fundamentals, a Certified Specialist for Great Plains Dynamics Accounting Systems, a MS SQL Server 6.X Certified System Administrator, and a Certified Novell NetWare Administrator. She also possesses her Master of Science in MIS.

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LyondellBasell Industries

Sr. Database Administrator (Lead DBA)


Work Experience : 2007 - Present

Working as an Lead/Sr. DBA in the company’s IT-AO organization; Performing applications/operational DBA support to different groups on various projects; Providing daily operational/production support. Major milestones/responsibilities include:
 Currently leading the SQL Server 2019 upgrade project for SAP SCM DBs in all environments (Lab, prototype, Dev, Staging, QA, Production, HA and DR). This project includes setting up SQL Server 2019 Always on DB clusters, installations/configurations/upgrades and post upgrade performance turning activities. The total DB size is about 18 TB.
 Currently participating in the OneStream Finance project. This project requires us to migrate and transform financial data from the on premise MSSQL& SAP HANA DBs to the MSSQL IAAS to MSSQL PAAS on Azure.
 Currently helping to use SSIS as an ETL tool, creating stored procedures/views at the back-end and also help to use Power BI and Tableau to generate Covid-19 dashboard for the company.
 Recently Participated and implemented the HPE datacenter migration project successfully. This project involved migrating and cutting over all SAP HANA databases and other multiple SQL Server databases from Dallas Datacenter to HPE Allen datacenter. During this datacenter migration, all SAP databases were upgraded from HANA Revision 102.03/ SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.3 to HANA Revision 2.0 SPS4/SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15.
 Previously participated and implemented the SAP BW HANA and SAP ECC HANA migration project successfully. this project involve the migrations of the company’s largest SAP databases from SQL 2012/Window’s 2012 to HANA Revision 102.03/ SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.3 platform.
 Led and implemented the SQL 2012, SQL 2016 upgrade projects, SAP SAN migration projects successfully. These projects included the company’s largest SAP DB’s (total size is about 50 TB).
 Provided primary DBA operational support to the company’s ERP SAP databases; participated in SQL 2008 R2 upgrade and SQL compression projects. Led on the physical design & implementation for the SAP EH&S MSDS DB instance in DMZs; participated in the Quarterly Release & Maintenance activities.
 Provided secondary DBA operational support to the company’s eBusiness applications. Led the implementation of the DB clusters for company’s eBusiness group.
 Previously Participated and successfully completed the DDC move project and Mission Critical eBusiness Migration project. These projects involved setting up/configuring SQL 2016 Always On, SQL 2016 Enterprise Cluster servers both on internal network and in DMZs; migrating and cutting over multiple eBusiness databases from Houston Datacenter to Dallas Datacenter and from
Copenhagen Datacenter to Dallas Datacenter respectively.
 Participated and successfully completed Integration project. The efforts include the SharePoint Consolidation project, which consolidated US and EU SharePoint web farm and DB clusters; International Integration Asia project, which integrated HR application DBs, Financial ERP app DBs and local Sharepoint DBs, migrated the DBs from LBI’s Hong Kong Datacenter to LBI’s Singapore
Datacenter and Dallas Datacenter Respectively.
 Participated in the Microsoft health check on the BizTalk platform; successfully implemented the MS recommendation solution by building out active/active DB instances and splitting the BizTalk 2006 R2 DBs.
 Setting up, maintaining and monitoring AlwaysOn, log shipping’s to failover and DR DB servers for mission critical and business critical DBs; provide performance tuning and help troubleshooting performance issues for SAP, eBusiness, Custom, Vendors’ DBs; worked with vendor to install JDBC driver on DMZ eBusiness DB clusters.
 Performing daily operational DBA support; monitoring incidents in ServiceNow, performing analysis work to resolve db platform and application related DB issues; participating the 24 X7 on call escalation


Stewart Transaction Solutions

Sr. Database Administrator


Work Experience : 2006-2007

Worked as a corporate Sr. SQL Server Production DBA in company’s IT Department; Performing applications/operational DBA support on various corporate/departmental projects; Providing daily operational/production support. Major responsibilities were:
 Performed the Windows Server 2003 64 bit/SQL 2005 64 bit Cluster Assessment; Installed /configured SQL 2005 cluster servers (32 bit and 64 bit) on production and staging servers for STEPS, Company Management Projects. These are internet/intranet web site projects that provide electronic data and processes to company’s internal/external customers.
 Planned, designed, participated and successfully completed the SureClose Datacenter Relocation, SureClose San Diego warm site Projects. These are enterprise wise infrastructure efforts which involved setting up/configuring SQL 2000 Enterprise Cluster servers, migrating 1.5 TB of database from San Diego Datacenter to Dallas Datacenter, setting up and supporting SAN to SAN replication of the data and proactively monitored the SQL performance and analyzing the performance data.
 Developed and implemented SQL 2000 DTS packages to extract and export data from SQL 2000 databases (MSL and ACM system) to an Oracle 10g database (Mercury IT Governance/Change management system).
 Provided SQL DBA support to the Business Services Applications team and the Development team in the testing, deploying and troubleshooting of various applications. Actively participated and successfully executed the SQL 2005 Upgrade Project for the various applications.


Sysco Corporation

Sr. Database Administrator


Work Experience : 2003-2006

Worked as a corporate Sr. DBA on the company’s large projects including the SQL 2000 Share Point SQL Cluster Project, Sysco.com Web project and SQL 2000 Replication Project, which is designed for customer remote order entry/sales automation application. Major responsibilities include:
 Installed /configured SQL 2000 servers (70+) for publishers, distributors and subscribers; set up application databases for servers and clients.
 Participated in the designing process of new replication model, implement schema, replication changes, perform regular database changes to 70+ operating companies.
 Developed triggers and stored procedures to audit data changes in the replication tables and databases; automate the alerts and notifications through SQL Agent mails.
 Analyzed the business requirements, designed, implemented and deployed the SQL 2000 DTS and linked server processes to 70+ operating companies.
 Planned, designed and participated the replication stress test in the Microsoft Premier Customer Lab; improved the replication performance by optimizing the server and the client processes.
 Worked with Microsoft SQL Server development team to conduct SQL 2005 (Yukon) Beta testing on functionality and performance.
 Worked on DB2 for windows and Oracle10g for windows to support multiple vendor applications as an application DBA


AIM Investment Group, Inc.

Sr. Database Associate


Work Experience : 1999-2002

Worked as company’s Sr. SQL Server DBA supporting the various DB applications in Financial Services, Retail Marketing, Investment and Corporative System Area.
Major responsibilities were:
 Implemented the conversion of 150 NT4/SQL 6.5/7.0 DB’s to Win2000/SQL Server 2000. Core 2000 environment consists of Six (6) 8-way Compaq 8500 development servers with Eighteen (18) production servers (one cluster) and 6 matching test servers. All databases have a complete local fail-over server and matching business recovery servers in Austin for a total of 900 databases, 10 terabytes of storage.
 Led Win2000/SQL 2000 Clustering Project. Successfully planned, installed and configured MS SQL 2000 virtual server for the company’s Investment Financial Business databases, which are mission critical/1-hour recovery databases.
 Implemented SQL Server Mail; Set up SQL 7/SQL2000 linked servers to Oracle, Sybase and DB2; participated in the design, implement and support of Microsoft SQL 2000 Analysis Server.
 Monitored the performance and tuned all databases (900 in totals) to ensure efficient access. Troubleshoot database problems and provide technical support for databases and operating systems in cooperation with other team members and other groups.
 Participated in Business Recovery ensuring that databases are fully recoverable and applications can access data at recovery site. Responsible for backups and recoveries for all SQL databases.
 Explored XML Extensions and MS Full-Text search for possible business opportunities; initiated a project to implement SQL 2000 Data Transformation Services in all business units.
 Successfully led a project to migrate all of the company’s software/hardware monitoring application databases to a new 8-way Compaq 8500 that had been tested with the Hitachi SAN environment. This project addressed immediate and long-term issues and goals in regards to supporting corporate-wide mission critical systems as well as a variety of vendor databases.


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